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Pork Breakfast Sausage Mild

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Enjoy our Red Wattle Breakfast Sausage. This mild-seasoned ground pork is flavorful and leaner than traditional pork. We have some great recipes you will love, such as our signature "Sausage Kale Wraps".
Our mission at Land to Table Farm is to diversify the agricultural scene. That's why we've chosen to breed Red Wattles, a rare heritage breed. They are the bison of pork, characterized by their resilience, beauty, and leanness compared to other breeds. Our pigs live outside year-round with plenty of room to roam in a forested wetland rich with nuts and grasses. Their meat is some of the most flavorful and tender you'll ever try due to the natural environment and varied diet we provide for them, which is non-gmo, all natural pellets, locally grown corn, farm grown fodder, and vegetables and fruits from local natural grocery stores. These beloved pigs are our babies and we ensure they live happy lives on our farm. Our pigs are born on our farm, and our breeding program has top-registered Red Wattle pigs from around the country, creating happy, healthy, and hearty animals.